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(Nikooru and Nikkie walk down the street, two days before the first day of school.)

Nikooru: Hey Nikkie, I have a question.

Nikkie:Okay what is it?

Nikooru: Do you think on the first day of school I'll make friends?

Nikkie: Well with me by your side you will.

(Joe bumps into Nikooru)

Joe:Sorry! I'm just looking for someone named Nikooru

Nikooru: um...that would be me.

Quill:Joe I don't think she can see me

(Nikooru looks at Quill)

Nikooru: Oh hi there.

(Nikkie pokes out from behind Nikooru)

Nikkie:I guess we all get to meet new people today.

Quill:Joe say somthing

Joe:I can't

Quill:Charater Change! Make! Bake! Create!

Nikooru:...oh don't go getting any ideas Nikkie.

Nikkie: hehe why not.

(Nikaidou walks up behind Nikooru)

Nikaidou: I'm guessing you've made a new friend Nikooru

Joe:Hi Nikaidou-sensei how is Yuu?

Quill:Joe remember?

Joe:yeah hey Nikooru would you like to be this years queen chair of the gardians i am currently trying to get ace chair

(Yuu pops out of Nikaidou's pocket)

Yuu: I'm fine...although I do wish we'd go home...

Nikaidou: Well Yuu maybe if you'd stop complaining I'd take you home.

Nikooru: Well Joe I'd love to join...I guess....

(Yuu sticks his tongue out at Nikkie)

Nikkie: Stop that!

(Quill gose in between both of them)

Quill:Um guys stop fighting there is an X-egg

Yuu: Do I look like I care about an x-egg.

Nikkie: Nikooru this is your chance!

Nikaidou: Yeah like you can do anything.

Joe:Nikooru,Nikaidou hurry charater transform

Nikooru: Okay Nikke!

Nikkie: Lets do it!

Nikaidou: Yeah I'm good...I think I'll leave this kiddy stuff to you kids.

(Nikooru Character tansforms into Tomboy girl)

Joe:Let my heart.Unlock!

Quill/Joe:Charater transformation! Quilted Lover!

Nikaidou: Hey little kids don't get hurt now! not like you can do anything.

Nikooru/Nikkie: Lets get that x-egg!

Joe/Quill:Nikooru hold it still so i can purify it

Nikooru/Nikkie: Okay! wristband holder!

Yuu: I really don't get why they have to go all hero and stop the egg.

Nikaidou: Don't know oh well. you'll never catch me doing that stuff.

Joe/Quill:Negative heart Lock on! Open Heart

Nikaidou: oh yay they've stopped the dumb x-egg...


Quill:Man hey nikkie is yuu allways grumpy cuz if he is i have a great no more anger dish i would like to try

Nikkie: You have no idea of how angry he can get.

Yuu: Shut up Nikkie! Nikaidou lets go!

Nikaidou: Fine, fine. Nikooru I want you home be 6pm.

Nikooru: I'll come home when I want to.

Joe:Um Nikooru i know we just met and all but would you like to go on a date

(Nikooru's face goes red)

Nikkie: oh I think thats a yes.

Nikaidou: is that love I see written on your face Nikooru?

Nikooru: Stop it Nikaidou!'d love to Joe....

Joe:Thanks I know this great resteraunt it has an ocean veiw

Nikaidou: oooo isn't that sweet.

Nikooru: Aren't you going home!?

Nikaidou: Fine fine I'm going.

(Nikaidou walks off, with Yuu following him)

(at the resturant)

Joe:So Nikooru what would be self nikkie was born from

Nikooru: I was being made fun of, because I was wearing the wrong pare of socks...then Nikkie was born and told me that it doesn't matter what I look like I should be myself. how about Quill?

Joe:Well I was bullied by everyone at school except the gardians just because i loved cooking and more domestic skills then sports i was ussually beaten up and spat on but then Quill was born and told me it was allright and that instead of fighting them just try to be nice and make somthing for them and it worked from then on Quill has been like a big bro to me

Nikooru: Hm...I know to kids that are in the guardians.

Nikkie: Yeah, but there would be selves fight all the time.

Quill:Maybe they just are like brother and sister dreams and are fighting to show they care

Nikkie: I guess you could say that...but wouldn't that mean the same thing about me and Yuu?

Nikooru: I really don't get Yuu and my brother tells me Yuu is nice, but I don't see it.

Quill:Well maybe Yuu is like former king tadase's Shugo chara Keiseki

Nikooru: No way...Yuu never atop complaining....

(Nikooru looks at the time)

Nikooru: oh why am I looking at the time its not like I'm gonna go home when Nikaidou says so.

Joe:weird i feel like an egg is coming out of my butt

Nikkie: pu-ah hahahhahaha!

Joe:Oh look another gardian egg and it is all sparkley

Nikooru: Cool I can't wait....why did you just give birth to an egg...?

Nikkie: hm.. I wonder that too.

Joe:Well I am really shy and this is my first date and i was nervous so i think i gave birth to anoter egg

Nikooru: well no need to be nervous. I'm not gonna break your heart.

Nikkie: YAY! a new friend just waiting to hatch!

(the egg hatches)

Shine:Hi I am Shine Joe's dream to not get nervous and worried all the time

(Nikkie Hugs Shine)

Nikkie: YAY! a new friend!

Nikooru: Nikkie you should ask before hugging someone.

Shine:It's okay i love hugs they make people show they sparkleing hearts

Nikooru: hey Nikkie you didn't hug Quill when you first met....

(Nikkie hugs Quill)

(Nikooru yawns)

Nikooru: I guess I should head home, before Nikaidou calls mom and tells her I was out late...

Joe:okay bye oh wait be fore you go

(Joe kisses Nikooru and gives her a rose)

(Nikooru's face goes red again)

Nikooru: th-thank you Joe...

(Nikooru runs off and Nikkie follows after)

Day 2 Edit

(Joe Shine and Quill are shopping)

Shine:I love the mall i love how they have great pizza and how everyone is so nice.

Joe:Me too

Quill:Me three

(Nikaidou and Yuu walk by)

Joe:Hi Nikaidou-senesi hi mr. McMeanyPants. Nikkie told me to call you that yuu 

(Nikaidou stops walking)

Yuu: hey kid why don't you just shut up! Nikkie's dumb anyway so what does she know

Nikaidou: And Joe....out side of school I'm not a teacher...oh and I wouldn't look for Nikooru. She was crying last night so I don't know what happened, but it can't be good.

(joe calls Nikooru)

(Nikooru picks up the phone)

Nikooru: h-h-hello?

Joe:Hi Nikooru it's me Joe what is the matter

Nikooru: I-I can't be a guardian and I may never get to see you ever parents called and said I have to move back home...Its all Nikaidou's faultt.

Joe:What happened if nikaidou lied that this place was dangerous i will quilt lasso him until his head pops out of his body

Nikooru: I don't know what he said, but it got my parents thinking I shouldn't be here.

(Nikaidou walks up behind Joe)

Nikaidou: is that my little sister. Tell her she needs to be packing not talking.

(Joe pins Nikaidou on the wall)

Joe:First tell me why Nikooru is leaving tell me what you said to your parents or else i'll hurt you

Yuu: Listen you dumb brat! it doesn't matter!

Nikaidou: Yuu's right you know, once my parents have made up their minds thats it and all I said was that she fell in love with you.

Joe:But why I a nice guy never done anythig bad allways told the truth allways had strait A+s why would they not want me to date her

Nikaidou: I look like I know....all I know is that they may thinks she's too young to date...but hey thats why I moved out here to get away from them. instead they send the brat and her miny-brat

Joe:Yeah like you can talk You have a mini Luscifer brat with you and you don't even like kids you just use to the job to get close to the Humpty Lock

Yuu: Who are you calling brat!? YOu little BRAT!

Nikaidou:.....what don't know a thing about me....but hey I'll make you a deal, let me down and I'll talk to my parents.

Joe:Okay as long as you make me and Nikooru kings and queens chair of the gardians and call yourself a lifless hobo who has anger problems

(nikaidou's eye twitches)

Nikaidou:......or I could get Nikooru to stay here and make you two the King and Queen chair of the guardians and we forget that last part.

Yuu: I should slap you silly for saying that to my dumb nikaidou!

Nikaidou: Dumb...what are you talking about!?

Yuu: Oh we all know you'd be nothing with out me.

Nikaidou: yeah right....


(Nikaidou calls his parents)

Nikaidou: Yeah, but mom......I know, but....Listen this kid is really smart and he's the king chair of the guardians and he wants Nikooru to be the queen chair. Do I have too?.......fine.

(Nikaidou hangs up the phone.)

Nikaidou: She's staying happy now?


(Joe calls Nikooru)

Nikooru: Hello?

Nikkie: I thought we're suppose to be packing!

Nikooru: one sec. Nikkie.

Joe:Nikooru it's me Joe You get to stay and you are now queens chair

Nikooru: Really but wait what about My brother and my parents

Joe:They said okay

(Nikaidou walks off)

Nikooru: Yay!...oh hey Joe mind meeting me at the school the Jack and Ace need our help setting up the school


(at the hard-ware shop) paint what color should we pick?

Joe:Well for the Moon Classrooms i am thinking gold navy blue and purple.And for the Star Classroom i was thinking silver scarlet and pink

Nikooru: those all....match.....

Nikkie: its okay Nikooru, sometimes thing that match are okay...

Yay: I think its great things should match.

Nikooru:...things.....should match....

(Nikooru looks at her mix-match socks, then runs out of the store)

Joe:Nikkie what did i do

Aiko: You didn't do anything, it was Yay...Nikooru thinks that things don't have to match, but Yay thinks everything should match.

Yay:I'm really sorry if I made things bad.

Nikkie: Yay, maybe Ace is right, maybe you really are dumb.

Joe:No time to think that now aiko lets charater transform.Nikkie do you mind if I transform with you

Nikkie: I don't see why not.

Aiko: Yay!

Yay: Lets go!

Joe:Let our hearts!

Aiko: Unlock!

Joe:Charater transformation Tomboy Lover

Aiko: Cleaning Lady

Joe:Ok lets look at the park that is where everyone gose when they are sad

Aiko: okay

(Joe and Aiko go to the park)

Joe:Found her

(Nikooru is hiding under a slide crying)

Aiko: What should we do now?


(Nikooru looks up)

Nikooru: what?

Joe:Yay would like to say somthing

Yay: Nikkie I'm really sorry, not everything has to match

Nikooru: I don't care, I know now that no matter what I do everything has to match, everyone at school, said it Yay said it, even my parents said it.

Joe:So what it isn't what they think it is about what you think and whatever you think can be right to you don't listen to other people if you think it is okay it's okay

Nikooru:...I guess....I guess you're right.

Joe:Good that is the Nikooru I love.

(Joe faints)

Nikooru: JOE!

(Nikooru runs over to Joe)

Nikooru: Joe are you okay?

(Joe is out cold)

Nikooru: Aiko what should we do? take him to a hospitable. I'll call 911

(Nikooru starts to do CPR)

(a gardian egg appears)

Nikooru: An egg....

(The egg hatches)

Nikooru: Oh...I wonder what it'll be...oh wait Joe wake up!

Doc:Hi I am Doc Joe's dream of being cured of his Cancer

Nikooru: Joe has Cancer! oh no....

Aiko: Someone is on there why to help.

Shine:It's my fault i was supposed to remind him to go to kemo today now hes dying. I am so stupid!

Nikkie: No you're not Shine

(An Ambulance comes and takes Joe to the Hospital.)

Shine:Lets get back to the school

(everyone goes to the school)

(at the hospital)

Nikooru:Hey Joe hows it going.

Joe:Good my kemo is almost done and guys I have to tell you somthing.


Aiko: your not gonna die are you!?

Joe:No but Because I am a guy of the fugisaki clan I have to cross dress as a girl to play girl parts in plays.

Akihiko:What're are soo weird.

Aiko: Oh cool


Joe:Well geez if you guys think I'm weird then why are you here?

Nikooru:I don't think you're weird at all

Aiko:Same here

Akihiko:well I think you're weird

(Aiko:Kicks Akihiko)

Joe:Thanks for understanding and guys have you seen a pink gardian egg that has lilacs on it it rolled out the door by accident it's my dream to be a star in theater no matter who i am If you did plese tell me.

(A girl walks in)

Ren:Is this egg any ones?

Joe:yes it is mine thanks.

(a chara pops out from behind Ren)

Ren: Oh there you are Ellane

Joe:Thanks for getting my egg

Ren:oh no problem.

Ellane:Ren we must go to make you a better cook, no?

Ren: Yes we must.....

(Joe's egg hatches)

Dra:Hi I'm Dra Joe's dream of being a star.

Ren:aw look at that the egg hatched.

Akihiko: wow Joe you have a lot of dreams...

Joe:Well I have a big heart that is full of dreams and I want all of my dreams to come true.

Nikooru: Thats Great Joe. having a big heart is great!

Ren:Well it was nice to meet all of you, but I need to get ready for school tomorrow. bye

(Ren and Ellane leave)

Joe:Those two seem really nice

(Doc floats in)

Doc:I'm glad you are feeling better Joe and you can leave now your parents discharged you.

Nikooru: I'm glad you get to go home Joe. I have to go home. bye everyone. see you tomorrow

Aiko and Akihiko: We need to go help our parents with helping a new family move in. so bye.

Joe:Bye and tommorrow i will be Jodi not Joe.

Day 3Edit

Nikooru: So what do we look for?

Jodi/Dra:We look for a blond kid that has an obsession with rare gems and looks like he has no emotions.

Akihiko: Ah! this is such a waist.

(jodi turns back)

Jodi:Akihiko if we don't find him all shugo chara will disappear no matter what!


Ace: and here I thought you didn't care about me.

Quill:It's true you know Hikaru is the sole protector of the Embryo without it all shugo chara will disappear and .. and..

(Quill starts crying)

Nikkie:I don't want to disappear!

Ace: If its our fate, then there is no changing it....

Shine:I found Hikaru!

Nikooru/Nikkie: Great!

Hikaru:Where am I?Help!

Jodi:There there we'll get you back home.

Nikooru: So all is good.

Akihiko:I hope so...this is boring...

Quill:We just saved your shugo chara and you say this is boring you don't even deserve to have one.

Akihiko:Aw Shut it....Ace is a pain at times

Ace: I knew you didn't like me at times, but no need to say it out here..

Dra:Lets just get back to the school and Nikooru somehow I sence a hearts egg about to be born in you.

Nikooru: What!?....but how I thought...I'd only give birth to Nikkie....

Dra:Well Nikooru Sometimes people have alot of dreams that they don't know about. wonder what it'll be.

Nikkie:Yay a new friend!

Akihiko: you two do know that Nikaidou will not be happy.

Dra:I love Yuu!

Nikkie: WHAT!?

Ace: thats different

Dra:He Is so cute I could kiss him.

Ace: but he's so mean

Nikkie: well the truth be hind that is that, he isn't mean at all.


Dra:Ace Don't talk about my man candy

Shine:I Love Ace!

Doc:I love Yay!

Quill:I love Nikkie!

Jodi:Aw thats nice.


Nikkie:...Yuu is really nice, but doesn't show it...back when he was born he acted a lot different

Jodi:How so?

(Shine kisses Ace)

(Doc kisses Yay)

Ace:....WHAT THE....?!?!

Yay: YAY!


Jodi:Don't listen the them they're just love struck so just continue please.

Nikkie: Right well I'll let Nikooru take it from here.

Nikooru: Well yeah when Nikaidou was young he got picked on and was very shy, then Yuu came along and told Nikaidou to be nice to others no matter what, over time Nikaidou that being nice was cool and so Yuu was happy, but one day Nikaidou told Yuu to act mean and that's why he does that...

Jodi:But then Yuu would disappear because he is Nikaidous dream to have friends but Nikaidou is repeling them so why is Yuu still here?

Nikooru: but thats it Yuu and Nikaidou may act mean,but Nikaidou never gave up on wanting friends.

Quill:Then Nikaidou should be nice not mean i think Nikaidou should not be mean I mean people are only mean so they seem like they're cool but really they're just hurting themselves and other people.

Nikooru: Try telling him that, but you guys seem to have brought out the reall Yuu and I hope you can do the same for Nikaidou.

Shine:Lets hope we can though when I first saw him I had a feeling that Nikaidou was depressed and has what I think are suicidal thoughts I'm worried.

Nikooru: Yuu may know why that is, though I have a feeling it has to do with is ex-girlfriend.

Shine:No it wasn't that it was somthing about not having friends and that people hate him.

Nikkie: We'll have to ask Yuu, he'll tell us

(Dra Floats down)

Dra:Guys Nikaidou and Yuu ar on the Ledge of the Schools roof I think they're about to jump!

Nikooru: NO!

Akihikio: Oh snap! we've got to stop them!

(at the hospital)

Jodi:Well its time for my surgury.

Hope:I hope you'll be okay Joe

(Hope Kisses Jodi's forehead)

Nikooru: Yeah We'll all be here waiting for you.

(While joe is at surgury)

Quill:Don't worry Quill it's just surgury don't think about the coma the 3 month coma

Shine:Hey Nikooru wanna come with me to the gift shop i wanna buy somthing for Joe when he wakes up and I found this Kagami Iggari doll and he loves Lucky star.

Nikooru: Sure I'll come.

Quill:Nikkie I'm worried this is Joe's first surgury since he had a coma 6 years ago they accidently closed the wrong tube in his heart he was in a comatose state for 3 months ever since then I'm afraid of Joe going to surgury

Nikkie: oh no worries, I know Joe will be fine.

Quill: Thanks Nikkie your the best friend a Shugo chara could have.

Utau:Nikaidou I'm sorry I broke up with you It was My managers fault she hated you and wanted you dead but my heart still needed you.

Nikaidou: Well I'm over you...

Yuu: No he's not.

Nikaidou: YUU!

Il:Who wants to play Circle you Circle you

(Hope hides behind Yuu)

Hope:Big brother Il is scary make her go away!

Yuu: What? oh don't hid behind me I can't do anything.

Quill:An X-Egg!

Dra:Sorry Nikaidou.Let Nikaidou's Heart Unlock!

Dra:Charater transformation Dramatic Friend.




Utau:Let my heart Unlock!

Il:Utau:Charater transformation Seriphatic Charm

(Quill sees a baby bump on utau)

Utau:Oh Nikaidou I'm pregnant and you're the father.

Nikaidou:. . . ! What.....?!

Utau:Remember when we were touring all of japan and we went to that hotel and then all that stuff

Hope:I'm a girl!

(A translusent Joe appears)

Joe:Hi everyone I'm on a Trip

Utau:Trips are when chara bearers are under sedatives and are out cold it only happens when the seditives are wearing off.

Nikaidou: hmmm

Yuu: You're not even listening are you?

Nikaidou: mmmhmmm.

Joe:Oh I'm about to wake up bye!

Yuu: BYE!

Il:Wel I'm hungry who wants a Choux Creme

Amore:I will.

Nikaidou: (stairs at Utau)

El:Four bars of love are in this room

Utau:Nikaidou it's a girl and i decied on a nama Nikiri after your dead mother i know it's been a month since she died and you are asking your aunt to act like her for nikooru scince she dosen't know.

Nikaidou: SHHH! don't let Nikooru know that!

Hope:To late she heard.


Nikaidou: No Nikooru its not true

Yuu: that rhyme.

Utau:I'm sorry Nikaidou but she has to know the truth.

Nikaidou: No she doesn't!

Nikooru:(cries her eyes out)

(Two people who look like nikaidou and Nikooru come into the hospital)

Nikairai:Is that my little girl crying?

Nikirou:Nikaidou give your mother a hug.

Nikooru: NO! (runs off crying)

Nikaidou: Wait!

Nikirou:Good that little brat is gone I hate kids why couldn't my dumb sis put that brat up for adoption i mean she looks weird she acts weird and she talks to nothing calling it "Nikkie" That is so weird I just want her to just die.

Nikaidou:SHUT UP! I never want you to talk about Nikooru like that ever again! There are somethings in this world that you'll never know!

Nikirou:No I will still talk like that after all it was you who told me to do this i think your turning into a brat just like her so what are you a man or a brat like you mistake of a sister.

Nikaiduo: You know what she already knows, so you don't have to do it anymore, so leave, just leave. (walks off to look for Nikooru)

(Joe comes through the doors)

Joe:Nikaidou? Hey Utau did you see where Nikaidou was going

Utau:Yes I did he went that way

Nikirou:Great another brat to deal with


(Joe follows Nikaidou)

Nikaidou: (notices Joe following him) eh Joe can I help you with something?

Joe: yes who was that mean lady in the loby and where is Nikooru

NIkaidou: that mean lady is Nikooru and my aunt, I don't know where Nikooru went, but I'm looking for her.

Joe:Oh can I help i got everyone somthing

(Hands Nikaidou a lockette with a picture of utau in it)

Nikaidou: . . . um thanks Joe. Yeah you can help.

(a person runs into Nikaidou)

???: Ehy watch it!

Nikaidou: No Yuu!?

Yuu: yeah what...Oh cousin Nikaidou! how are you!?

Nikaidou: fine I'm looking for Nikooru.

Yuu: ahh yes..well that sucks doesn't it.

Joe:Wait isn't Yuu the name of your shugo chara Nikaidou? is Yuu baised off of this Yuu because if so Dra is going to freak wait can big yuu see shugo chara?

Yuu: Hahaha Nikaidou you named Pop after me, you really are that stupid!

Nikaidou:...yes he can see the charas...and yes Yuu is based off of my cousin. My charas real name is Pop, but I called him Yuu and well the name stuck.

Yuu: haha even though I'm younger than you cousin you could never be as cool as me! hahaha it truly is a shame that my chara is gone, but if she were still here I think I'd be as dumb as you cousin.

Nikaidou: must you be so mean. Maybe if your chara were still around you'd be a bit nicer.

Yuu: or I just be as dumb as you. I mean look at you, you've lost Nikooru and you're around some kid. I must say nice job there.

Joe:Okay who was Yuu's Chara and what dream was it and why and when did it dissappear and hi i'm joe i have 6 chara and i think number 7 is on the way

(Egg Appears)

Cura:Hi I'm Cura joes dream to show people that anyone can have and survive breast cancer

Yuu: um have a lot of chara's and on that note I don't think you really need to know all of that buzz off Joe.

Nikaidou: Yuu be nice to the kid! When Yuu was 10 he was made fun of for talking to his chara, Honey. His own parents told him that he need to stop talking to things that were not there and that he needed to grow up, but Yuu's dream was always to be able to open up more.

Yuu:.....sadly this never happened and honey disappeared....forever, but I realize now that such things are pointless.

Suu:Amu Where are you wait did i just hear someone said that there dream is gone forever well sir that is wrong Honey is still in your heart you just have to belive i mean the other nikaidou did that and his chara appeared again oh nikaidou how is your uncle nikaidou?

Yuu: Thats something I stupid person would say! You charas are nothing! truth be told the world would be better off if all of you chara's disappeared.

Nikaidou: Oh he's fine.

(Joe Slaps Yuu)

Joe:That's wrong many of history's famous people had shugo chara steven hawking leanardo devinci even presiden obama of america has one and they made the world what it is today

Yuu:(glares at Joe) . . . (then looks at Nikaidou) Well cousin I was running to find you to tell you where Nikooru had run off to, but maybe its better I let you find her on your own...(starts to walk off)

Suu:She's in the food court with Amu she said somthing about how she will never trust her brother again or somthing like that.

Nikaidou: (runs to the food court) Thank you Suu.

Suu:Your welcome desu

(Joe Runs with him)

Nikaidou:(makes it to the food court) Okay now I have to find Nikooru

Joe:Hey I have an Idea how about we talk to her she's on the balcony.

(on the balcony is Nikooru. She looks like she's been crying)

Nikaidou:(walks up to Nikooru) um....Nikooru....are you okay?

Nikooru:(just looks at Nikaidou)....

Joe:Um Nikaidou remember what Suu said nikooru is mad at you let me talk.Nikooru are you okay?

(Dra Starts glowing)

Dra:Joe what's happening?

Joe:I think a dissapeared shugo chara is going to posses you.

Nikooru:...I'm not okay....

Honey/Dra:I'm Back baby

Nikooru: honey...?

honey/Dra:Yes it is nikooru now where is yuu i just need to see him again i need to nikaidou please take me to yuu befroe my real egg crack right now it's an x-egg.

Nikaidou: Oh okay he went this way.

Nikooru: I'll come to.

(they run off to go fined Yuu, and they do. Yuu is sitting with someone else out side)

Hoeny/Dra:Yuu! Yori!

(Honey hugs them both)

Joe:Honey we don't know the second one so how do you know him

Honey/Dra:Yori is yuu's twin he could see me too.

Yori: mmm Honey nice to see you again.....


Honey/Dra:Yes Yuu I missed you please before i disappear forever belive in me please for you dead sister honey the person who made you become shy and afraid after her death please belive for her for me i never gave up on you so don't give up on me.

Yuu: I-I....but I need to....

Yori:(slaps Yuu in the face) Believe in Honey!

Yuu:.....Honey is real....Yori would never stick up for someone who's not real...Honey!

Honey/Dra:My egg Nikooru Nikaidou Joe hurry heal it

(Honey leaves dram and goes into her x-egg)

Joe:Ok Nikaidou Nikooru let's go! Let my heart Unlock!

Nikooru: character transform!

Joe/Dra:Dramatic Lover! Nikaidou transform!

Nikaidou: I don't do that..anymore that is...

Hope:Maybe not with pop but maybe with me let our heart Unlock!

Hope/NIkaidou:Charater transformation hopeful Friend

(when Nikaidou changes something goes wrong and he turns back to normal)

Nikaidou: yeah you see this is why Yuu hates you Chara's....taking over people when they say No.....

Joe/Dra:Nikooru Let's do open heart Negative heart lock on!


Joe/Dra:Fine! I'll do it myself Again but i'll teach you later at my place with aiko akihiko and ren.

Cura:Good plan

Quill:Yeah you can show them the house

Yori:(looks at Yuu and then Joe)....

Joe:Open Heart!

Joe:Nice to meet you yori

(An Egg comes out of Yori)

Cream:Hello I'm Cream Yori's dream to speak out more and to be more compassionant

Yori: (looks at cream then looks at Yuu).........

Yuu: . . . c-c-c-chara.....(looks down)

Honey:Don't mind him he is just a worried for him i mean he cried every night to sleep when i turned into an x-egg and he doesn't want his only remaing sibling to.

Cream:Don't worry Yuu I'll try my best don't worry


Yuu: Yori at least say hi or something!


Cream:Hi I hope we have a great time together


Yuu: haha code for Same thing here.

Nikooru: (smiles)

Cream:C'mon Yori you don't have to be shy around me i'm a part of you so don't worry.


School Edit

day before school Edit

(Aiko and Akihiko get the school ready)

Aiko: hey Akih!

Akihiko: what?!

Aiko: when is Nikooru gonna get here!

Akihiko: I don't know!

(Nikooru comes running up)

Nikooru: Hey!

Aiko Hey!

Nikooru; Oh hey I asked Joe to come along.

Akihiko: Finally another boy.

(Joe comes in with is two shugo chara Quill and Shine)


Nikooru: Hey Joe! wait where'd my brother go.

Nikkie: oh who cares.

(two Shugo chara's pop up.)

Yay: well thats not too nice Nikkie.

Ace: well who'd want to be by Yuu? I know I wouldn't

Joe:Um for today since we are geting the school ready i made all of us a giant cake shaped like the school

Yay: oh I love cake!

Ace: Cake isn't good for wonder you're so dumb.

(yay cyies)

Aiko: Akih! keep Ace under control!

Akihiko: Sorry!

Nikooru: thats a beautiful cake Joe.

Joe:thanks and it only took me 4 minuets with Quill's powers

(Akihiko gets out a soccer ball)

Akihiko: We should take a break and enjoy some of the day

Ace: you should really get back to work you know.

Aiko: haha I remember when Ace first said that to you Akih.

Joe:Akih. A pretty school is a good school so get off of your lazy butt and get to work

Akihiko: Make me!

Ace: Oh I'll make you. Character Change! Work! Think! Do!

(Akihiko starts to work a lot faster)

Joe:Thank you Ace here have an apple slice and lay back you are like Nikaidou sensei minus that you are way better then that jerk

Ace: I don't get why I'm like someone so dumb as Nikaidou......

Yay: Nikaidou is a very nice teacher!

(Ace Glares at Yay)

Nikkie: oh no I think they're gonna fight again

Shine:I'll stop this. Charater Change! Light! Shine! Flow!

Joe:Now stop guys you two remind me of my Nagihiko and Nadeshko's shugo chara they fought too but that just showed they loved each other

(Nikkie grabs a some tape and tapes Ace's mouth shut)

Nikkie: Sorry Ace, but if you have nothing good to say don't say it at all.

Akihiko: Ah he only speaks the truth. Nikaidou is pretty dumb.

(Nikaidou walks up behind Akihiko)

Akihiko: What?

Joe:Hi Nikaidou.Hi Yuu

(Akihiko jumps)

Akihiko: Oh Nikaidou.....hey.....

Nikaidou: yeah.....hi.....Nikooru I got a call from mom she said she's coming out to see you.

Yuu: hahaha Ace has tape on his mouth!

Nikooru: oh great I'll never get to leave the house.....

Joe:Ok then I need to go to the hardware store to get some paint who wants to come

(Nikooru goes to rise her hand, but Aiko does it first)

Aiko: Yay and I would love to go!

Akihiko: Aiko you should stay here I'll go cause I'm a boy


Joe:No I choose Nikooru and Aiko

Nikooru and Aiko: YAY!

Akihiko:....I-I have to stay here with Nikaidou and Yuu.....?

Joe:Yup and for more tourture Quill play the song

(Quill sings party time)

(Akihiko and Nikaidou covers their ears)

Both: Make it stop!


(Aiko and Nikooru smile)

Nikooru: I love this song

Aiko: well we should get going.

(Joe and the girls go to the Hardware store)

(Nikaidou and Akihiko lay back and chill out)

Ace: You two should really b working more.

Yuu: Shut up four eyes!

Ace: how dumb are you if thats all you can come up with.


Nikaidou: EHY! both of you shut up! or I'm gonna put you in a box and mail you away.

Akihiko: You'd never catch them.

Niakidou: Whats that? at the beginning of the year you want double the home work?

Akihiko: You can't do that!

(everyone walks up, and Akihiko and Nikadou start to act like they're working.)

Shine:Why so hyper it isn't like joe is at the hospital and that he is dying of cancer oh no everything if fine and peachy

Nikaidou: Oh so Joe is in the hospital and is dying of cancer...

Yuu: Nikaidou! have a heart, why don't ya!

Akihiko: We should go see him

Ace: Yes indeed

(everyone gose to the hospital)

First Day of SchoolEdit

(Aiko and Akihiko walk to school

Aiko: Can't wait to get to school.

Akihiko: Yeah this year I'm gonna be on the soccer team.

(A girl walks pass them)

Jodi:excuse me.

Aiko: oh hey J-jodi, sorry I almost forgot.


Jodi:It's okay my parents said the same thing hey did nikooru walk by yet.

Akihiko: I didn't see her.

Aiko:She should be at the school already. I think she has to help Nikaidou finish getting the school ready.

(Jodi runs off to nikooru)

(Nikooru finishes up with helping Nikaidou)

Nikaidou: Nikooru...on the students list I didn't see Joe. Why is that?

Nikooru: I don't know, he should be on there....

(Nikkie laughs)

Jodi:Um Joe is on a family honor mission this week but I am his twin Jodi.

(Nikaidou looks at Jodi)

Nikaidou: Well...fine by me at least that dumb little brat is gone.

Yuu: Nikaidou you're the dumb one Jodi is Joe

Nikaidou: no she's not!

Yuu: What ever...dumby

Jodi:Oh who is this cutey he is looks so cute I could just hug him in fact I will

(Jodi hugs Yuu)

Nikaidou: See Yuu Jodi is not Joe

Yuu:AH Shut up!

(Nikkie and Nikooru laugh)

Jodi:Oh Nikooru I need to see you in the royal garden for a bit along with Aiko and Akihiko do you mind?

Nikooru: Okay, I'll send Nikkie to tell Aiko and Akih

Jodi:Thanks I'll sen Dra for Aiko Nikkie can get Akih.

(Nikkie and Dra go and find Aiko and Akihikio)

(everyone is at the royal garden)

Akihiko:....Soo Jodi...why are we here.

Aiko: I'd like to know too, 'cause I told this new girl I was goning to help her around the school this morning.

Jodi:It's about the Embryo.

Nikooru: Embryo?

Akihiko: You don't know about the Embryo?! Where have you been living, under a rock!?

Aiko: hey be nice Akih.

Jodi:Nikooru the Embryo Is the most powerful thing in the universe It is said to grant any wish well anyway I saw the embryo last night after I was discharged I think Hikaru,the said owner of the embryo is lost so we must find Hikaru and get the embryo back and grant our wishes.

Nikooru: but won't that take all day we can't skip school to look for someone,

(Yuu comes floating in)

Yuu: Hey brats got a message form Nikaidou's ex, She said it had something to do with the embryo?...whatever that is.

Jodi:Yay Mr. cudlley face is back.And thanks.

(Jodi hugs Yuu)

Yuu: Ah stop hugging me!....listen Joe you don't have to act around me I know its you, but any way, don't tell Nikaidou I'm giving you this. Its about where Hikaru might be.....but you didn't get this from me....

Jodi:Thanks Yuu and sorry for hugging you had to make sure Nikaidou didn't think Me and jodi were the same and tell Nikaidou that we will be gone today for some gardian business.

Yuu: I'm not telling him a thing, but if he asks I'll say that its guardian business, bye brats

Aiko: aw man that means I can't help Ren find her way around the school today.....

Jodi:Aiko why don't you stay behind .

Aiko: okay,but if you need any help let me know.

Jodi:Okay then everyone Let our hearts!

Nikooru: Unlock!

Jodi/Dra:Charater transformation Dramatic Lover!

Nikooru/Nikkie: Character Transform Tomboy Girl

Akihiko:...I'm not doing a character transform....

Ace: Then why even bother to help

Shine:Let akihiko's heart unlock!

Sine:Charater transformation! Shining Scholar!

Akihiko: AW! Come on!

Ace:...glad someone made you do something....

Jodi/Dra:Now lets go!

Nikooru/Nikkie: Yeah!

(everyone gose to the forest)

Jodi:Nikaidou don't jump!

Nikaidou: JUMP!?

Yuu: I really don't think this is a great idea, but....

Nikooru: Don't do it big bro!

Jodi:Everyone lets use our gardian capes as a trampoline to break his fall

Akihiko: Alright.

(Aiko and Ren come running up)

Aiko: whats going on?

Jodi:Nikaidou is about to jump

Ren: oh no

Nikaidou: I'm gonna do it now.

Yuu: This is a bad idea...

Nikooru: don't do it!

Jodi:I'll Be your friend so don't jump think of who you will leave behind everyone who cares about you do you think it will be better for them that you are gone do you think that people will be happy that you die? No! they will be sad. Look at everyone here do they look happy you are doing this? Answear me!

Nikaidou: And who are you to say this you dumb little kid!

Yuu:...Nikaidou...listen to Jodi! Listen to your sister!

Jodi:Nikaidou It's me Joe the kid who is your sister's boyfriend who you call a brat but I care

Yuu: well would you looks at that...

Nikaidou: Stop acting Yuu, I knew you knew something...but I'm still gonna jump.

Nikooru: BROTHER NO!

Nikaidou: Nikooru....FINE! I'LL COME DOWN!

(Shine hugs Nikaidou)

Shine:I was worried.

(Nikaidou hugs Shine back)

Nikaidou: oh thank you!

(Dra Kisses Yuu)

Dra:I love you Yuu.

Ellane: Aw look at that love in the air, aha I should bake us some cookies.

Yuu: Well thank you Dra.

(An egg appears)

Egg:I would like some

(Egg hatches)

Amore:Hi I am Amore Joe's dream to help other people find love.

Ren: aw how cute!

Ellane: here you go.

(a ball comes flying over and hits Aiko in the head)

Aiko: Ouch! what the...oooooo

Takai: Hey sorry there names Takai.

Amore:Aiko Takai likes you

Aiko: Really!?

Takai: EH! I DO NOT!

(a chara come floating out behind Takai)

Jakson: Yeah you do Takai.

Amore:Amore never lies desu

Quill:Um Nikkie could you help me a bit I need Yay Ace and Ellane and Yuu could you get them

(Dra kisses Yuu)

Nikkie: No prob.

(Nikkie gets Yay, Ace and Yuu)

Nikkie: Sorry Ellane is too busy cooking.

Quill:It's okay now everyone we must make somthing it's the new gardian capes

Yay: for who?

Ace: Ren and Takai, right?

Quill:Well only Ren will be a Gardian she will be Joker chair but the capes are for everyone the Chairman of the school askeed me to design the new capes here is the design for kings cape it is Green with Clubs on the cape queen is Red with Hearts on the cape Ace chair is Blue with Spades and Jacks chair is Yellow with Diamonds.

Ace: I'm not good at that kind of thing you should ask Ellane she's good at that.

Yay: I'll help!

Quill:Thanks Yay.

Jodi:You know they will have to close School tomorrow because Nikaidou had a mental breakdown at School he job is at risk here Nikooru.

Nikooru: I guess thats true.

Nikaidou: I'm fine really. School doesn't need to be closed.

Jodi:Yes it dose Nikaidou your job is at risk.

(Two gardian eggs appear and hatch)

Hope:Hi I am hope Nikaidou's dream to be more open with his feelings

Dev:I'm Dev Joe's dream to be more mischivious.

Nikaidou: w-what!? Hi Hope!

Aiko: oh wow Joe has another guardian character!

(Hope Hugs Nikaidou)

Hope:I hope we can be great friends.

(Nikooru laughs)

Nikaidou: Hey stop that Nikooru, Hope we can be friends....but no hugs...

Amore:I know who Nikaidou's Ex was.


Amore:It was Utau Hoshina the idol.

Nikaidou: What!?!? how did you find that out

Nikooru: hehe....

Jodi:See I am a big fan of Utau Hoshina so I looked up her and on this one website there was a list of her past boyfriends and I saw your name on it since Amore was still in me I guess she knew when she was born

Nikooru: oh are your cheeks getting red Nikaidou?

Nikaidou: NO! you shouldn't look up a persons past you little brat!

JodI:Well geez I was just trying to see if she was single so I could match her with Akihiko since my cousin Nadeshiko knows her.

Aiko: Akihiko likes Ren!

Akihiko: I-I...well...yeah...

Jodi:Oh sorry if you need me I'll be on the roof.

Nikooru: No don't go to the roof. you didn't know

Dra:Nikooru please leave him alone right now he needs som time to think.

Nikooru: okay...

Takai: Well then I think I'd better be going.

Jakson: Going where?

Takai: You know the place

(On the roof)

(Jodi Answears her cell phone)

Jodi:It's back!? How can that be I thought I was cured...oh it was delayed again so when will i have to go back?Tomorrow!?Well okay.

(Jodi closes her cell phone)

(Jodi Gets off the roof)

Jodi:Nikooru my Cancer is back.

Nikooru: What!? But how.....?

Nikkie: Anything we can do to help?

Hope:Hey Yuu come over here for a bit.

Yuu: What?

Hope:Tonight let's pull a prank on Nikaidou we need a french maid's outfit markers and a fake beard.

Jodi:Nikooru It's nothing I just have to get my right breast surgically removed Oh i forgot to mention that i have breast cancer.

(Akihiko Walks over to Jodi)

Akihiko: you're just an odd kid huh.

Nikooru: Okay, I still wish there was something I could do.

(Dra slaps Akihiko)

Dra:Akihiko! Guys can get breast cancer too so have a heart

Akihiko: HEY! Am I the only person that finds this dude odd!

Aiko: aaaaa Yeah, caue you can be a jerk at times. Jodi sorry for the way my brother is acting.

Jodi:It's okay Ai I'm used to it but my shugo chara are not

Quill:Comense Operation Harm Akihiko

(all of Joe's Shugo Chara start atacking Akihiko)

Shine:Take that you jerk!

Akihiko: Ah stop it! Stop it! Ace tell them to stop!

Ace: No I think it's about time you learned to be nice.

(Utau Hoshina walks up behind Nikaidou)


Jodi:Hi Aunt Utau oh and diod i forget to mention Utau hoshina is my godmother.

Nikaidou: What?! Noooo way! Well still I've moved on.

Yuu: that's a lie

Nikaidou: No it's not!

(Utau Kisses Nikaidou)

Utau:I missed you

(Il and El Pop out from behind Utau)

Il:Hey Yuu

El:Hello Yuu.

(Nikaidou's face turns red)

Yuu: Hey El and Il

Utau:Jodi your mom says it's time to go to the hospital hey nikaidou wanna come with us you can bring nikooru

Jodi:Yeah the surgury will only be an hour so i'll be back on my feet in no time.

Nikaidou: . . .

Nikooru: We'd love to come

Jodi:Great we leave now.

(Everyone gose to the hospital)

Nikooru: I really hope this goes well.

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